This site is an archive of past issues of Pantechnicon eZine, which ran (occasionally sporadically) for three years before eventually coming to a close.

Why did it close? Alas Pantechnicon’s website got hacked repeatedly, and I was spending more and more time cleaning up after each hacking and less and less time running the ezine itself. After taking a hiatus which was supposed to be a short break the hacking attempts only intensified, and I never really got that sabbattical I’d tried to take. Coupled with the cost of hosting the site during the worst recession in 70 years it simply became untenable – especially after all the hacking started using Pantechnicon’s website to distribute malware. While, thankfully, Google picked up on this and began warning visitors, it made getting over the problem even more difficult.

We received some excellent feedback on Pantechnicon during its run. And to this day I believe that we put out something which became a very good publication with quality fiction and interesting non-fiction.

Alas this also means that the long-planned Pantechnicon Book of Lies will simply never surface. We apologise to all authors whom we have been unable to contact, or who have attempted to contact us only to find that the Pantechnicon website no longer exists. They were excellent stories all, and we wish you the very best in placing them elsewhere.

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