Pantechnicon Issue Two

28 10 2009
Click to download Issue 2

Click to download Issue 2

Visions – Neil Burlington
Tin Litter, part two – Jon Cooper
Invasions – Sean Parker
Intracranial Biomodem – Joshua Rainbird
Reflection – Joe Cottle
The Artefact – Matthew S. Carroll
London Calling, part two – Trudi Topham
Stephen Gallagher

Pantechnicon Issue One

28 10 2009
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Click to download Issue 1

Tin Litter, part one – Jon Cooper
Pay the Taxi Driver – D.F. Lewis
Birthday Boy – Chris Cassell
Markheim – Robert Louis Stevenson
The Secret – Andy Frankham-Allen
London Calling, part one – Trudi Topham
Michael Marshall Smith
Stuart Manning
Myths and Visions – The Art of Ray HarryhausenCaroline Callaghan.
Confession of a Resurrectionist – Simon Clark
Fantastic Films Festival – Caroline Callaghan.