Pantechnicon Issue Two

28 10 2009
Click to download Issue 2

Click to download Issue 2

Visions – Neil Burlington
Tin Litter, part two – Jon Cooper
Invasions – Sean Parker
Intracranial Biomodem – Joshua Rainbird
Reflection – Joe Cottle
The Artefact – Matthew S. Carroll
London Calling, part two – Trudi Topham
Stephen Gallagher


Pantechnicon Issue One

28 10 2009
Click to download Issue 1

Click to download Issue 1

Tin Litter, part one – Jon Cooper
Pay the Taxi Driver – D.F. Lewis
Birthday Boy – Chris Cassell
Markheim – Robert Louis Stevenson
The Secret – Andy Frankham-Allen
London Calling, part one – Trudi Topham
Michael Marshall Smith
Stuart Manning
Myths and Visions – The Art of Ray HarryhausenCaroline Callaghan.
Confession of a Resurrectionist – Simon Clark
Fantastic Films Festival – Caroline Callaghan.

The Pantechnicon Archive

26 10 2009

Welcome to the Pantechnicon archive, where old back-issues of the ezine which ran for three years will be stashed for posterity.

Pantechnicon is not entirely dead. Issues 10 and 11 will be published as part of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction. TQF is available from: